Demo 2014

by Ordeal

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Jordan turnt up, great debut! Favorite track: Short On Hints.
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released September 6, 2014

Vocals: Anthony Riopel
Guitar/Back Vocals: Eric Langlois
Bass: William D'amours
Drums: Christophe Riopel

Music by Ordeal
Lyrics written by Anthony Riopel

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered: Ben Knightbus at Local 353



all rights reserved


Ordeal Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Ghost Stained Sheets
Ease my mind cause I'm stuck with the blues
Deception Is nothing new
My heart Is all yours to fucking manipulate
I'm harmless, I'm so damn harmless

Close my eyes on what tores me apart
Facing the loss Is too much for my heart
How many ghost stained sheets will It take
Till I store my trust somewhere new

I left my integrity disperse
In a few suburban houses
Two souls lusting for a one time shot
Nothing more than this
It ends up being the worst shot
Fuck me and fuck you

In hopes to dissipate
The clouds In my head

In... my... head...

Nostalgia Is a fucking disease
It opens up the wounds on my heart
Till It gets inside

In attempt to win back
What i've already lost
It may sound heroic
But in that case, it's only pathetic

My ego Is just bruised and fragile
Dissolving secrets of life

This fucking quest
Is ruining me
Giving in my everything
For an unsatisfying plot
Track Name: Short On Hints
I have no empathy and time
For the ones who proclaim to have a life of toil (x2)

Don't you see
Every mouthful swallowed
Has to be earned

I only eat what's rotten
Complaning on Its bitter taste
Got used feeding myself
With what's left of your plate

Variations of issues
I've heard them all
Visions of lust
I've lost track of them

A soul full of vice
Embodies an ignorant fuck

Still you've got It all planned
what's ahead of us, skin and bones?
You are promised a happy ending
So am i?

The wind will not carry
The weight of these stone wings

i'll just gather my stuff
And leave like a cheap motherfucker
Sidestepping onto some old dusty family photographs
Recalling how life was easy

We've been scraping
Through all the corners of this damned fucking place
Our eyes get caught by the glint of a dollar

Napalm runs through my veins
The fire still burns
Or does our instinct
Wash it all away
Track Name: Doubts That I've Come To Fear
The path I walk (the path i walk)
Is paved In shards of glass (shards of glass)
The blood spilled (blood spilled)
Is the product

Of life's circumstance
Traces leads to misery
Tomorrow never comes
Stucked In this journey

Will I stop the flood
Or am I bleeding dry
I'll give all there Is to give

Life Is a test
And when the trial ends
Will I rest

Or Is there more to come?
I'm just having a hard time
Blanking out what my future holds

My confidence thins my time
In a desperate life

Each morning and night
Hypothesis invades my brain

Never stood still
With confidence and temper
Annihilting every doubts that I've come to fear

Never felt numb
Never felt relief
Every attempt Is weak
Every try Is incomplete
This whole youth Is spent
Questioning what is missing

Faith agonizes
In these agonizes
In these desperate times
Track Name: S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
Seasons change
And I'm waking up with the same headache

I'm scared of dawns
I'm scarred from downs
When the light sheds trough the
Closed curtains of this unproductive room
There Is another day to fight

A state of mind
So hard to unfix
I have to see the world with
Different eyes

Beauty doesn't come easy
With this grim vision
Abandon the shelter we've relinquished
Barriers made to not adher this misconception

It only shortens my rope
Encounters after encounters I'm losing hope

I find peace
In a place that has
Enough room to breathe
For me

No peers
Just thoughts and beers

I love my friends
But they're In my way
And their smiles
Fucking burn my eyes

(Mouth crippled by emotions)
(It's not even worth opening)

Mouth crippled by emotions
It's not even worth opening It